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    Welcome to Kaviar

    Kaviar (Kernel Approximation for VIAbility and Resilience) is a software that uses Support Vector Machines (SVMs) to approximate viability kernels, capture basins and resilience values.

    In the version 1.0 of the software:

    • you can use either the algorithm with a regular grid or the active learning algorithm;
    • the capture basins and resilience values are computed in dimension d;
    • you can define heavy (for viability kernel approximation) or optimal (for capture basins and resilience values approximations) controllers;
    • the results can be visualized in 2d or 3d dimension (if the shape is convex).

    The sofware is written is the Java programming language. The software has two modes: a GUI mode and a batch mode.

    Kaviar software takes part of the european project PATRES.

    Contact: laetitia.chapel@…