Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between OpenMOLE and SimExplorer? Why two projects?

OpenMOLE is dedicated to the design and execution of computational workflows, and the managing of the execution process including distribution on grid. SimExplorer is an application that relies on OpenMOLE for designing workflows specifics to numerical models exploration. We have choose to made separate projects because the underlayer project OpenMOLE has grown and need more visibility beyond the models exploration business.



What is a Design of Experiment (DoE) ?

What's the difference between factors and inputs ?

What is an exploration application ?

We call exploration application the object that you build with SimExplorer to explore your numerical model. The term application is there to fall in the context of computational purpose.

What is an exploration workflow ?

What are metadata?


How to disable a component in an exploration ?

You have to select the component in the "Applications" view, and to bring up the "Properties" view. Then, you will find a checkbox labelled "Run" in this "Properties" view. If you uncheck this option, the component will not be executed during the next explorations.


How to run SimExplorer without the GUI (batch mode) ?

You may consider to use the console component, see this documentation.

What is Literate Programming ?

How to get Information System source ?

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