Last modified 8 years ago Last modified on 08/10/2009 11:35:24

Main changes of the RepastPrima project

  • The source code has been divided into several packages (social, einvironmental, input, ouput).
  • Added the RepastJ infrastructure to the model, Individuals are the "agents".
  • The general input files have been changed to XML format (the files containing tables have been not changed)
  • Created a Logger class for easier logging of the different objects/data.
  • Created Environmental package and set of classes to deal with land surface properties (this is still incomplete)

Modifications to the "social" sub-model

  • Some data has been changed from arrays [] to ArrayList (makes it easier to add and remove elements). Simple array[] is still good For collections that do not change during simulation.
  • Added some functions (in the form of getXYZ()) to get needed data
  • Added javaDoc descriptions for several functions/variables (begin block comments with / instead of /* to enble this). Check file dist/javadoc/index.html for the resulting javadoc (lot of descriptions still missing).
  • The implemented processes where NOT modified.

Miscelaneous information

Files in the main directory

  • ficent.xml : Example of environmental parameters. Data was taken from the ficent.txt file provided originally.
  • EnvironmentalParameters.xml : Example of environmental parameters defining land surfaces with some properties
  • Prototype0EnvironmentalParameters.xml and Prototype0GeneralParameters.xml will (at some point) contain the paramters used for the Toy Model (due at the end of November).

Development Environment

Not sure about this, but I am using the NetBeans IDE to develop because I saw there was a project file for this IDE in the original source (and the description on how to do SVN-checkout in the Wiki). [Omar]