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EasyABC is a package for R that gives you an easy access to ABC method. EasyABC is now hosted on R-Forge, see our public webpage

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If you want to work directly with the sources, you have to install the following packages: install.packages (pkgs=c ("lhs","pls","mnormt"), dependencies=TRUE)

For building the package under GNU/Linux, you will need to install texinfo (for building the vignette).

Other ABC tools


  • Brute-force ABC
    • [Pritchard et al. 1999] J.K. Pritchard, M.T. Seielstad, A. Perez-Lezaun, M.W. Feldman (1999) Population growth of human Y chromosomes: a study of Y chromosome microsatellites., Mol. Biol. Evol., 16, 1791–1798
  • Sequential ABC
    • [Beaumont et al., 2009] Beaumont, M. A., Cornuet, J., Marin, J., and Robert, C. P. (2009). Adaptive approximate Bayesian computation. Biometrika,96(4):983–990.
    • [Drovandi & Pettitt 2011] Drovandi, C. C. and Pettitt, A. N. (2011). Estimation of parameters for macroparasite population evolution using approximate Bayesian computation. Biometrics, 67(1):225–233.
    • [Del Moral et al. 2012] Del Moral, P., Doucet, A., and Jasra, A. (2012). An adaptive sequential Monte Carlo method for approximate Bayesian computation, Statistics and Computing., 22(5):1009-1020.
    • [Lenormand et al. 2012] Lenormand, M., Jabot, F., Deffuant G. (2012). Adaptive approximate Bayesian computation for complex models, submitted to Comput. Stat.
  • ABC coupled to MCMC
    • [Marjoram et al. 2003] Marjoram, P., Molitor, J., Plagnol, V., and Tavar ́ , S. (2003). Markov chain Monte Carlo without likelihoods. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 100(26):15324–15328.
    • [Wegmann et al. 2009] Wegmann, D., Leuenberger, C., and Excoffier, L. (2009). Efficient approximate bayesian computation coupled with markov chain monte carlo without likelihood. Genetics, 182(4):1207–1218.
  • ABC coupled to emulators
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